Monday, October 10, 2011

Agency going to "Top 11 Social Media Tips" to compete with "Top 10" lists from competitors

Jason Snidely is "One More"
Jason Snidely is considering creating a new social media “top ten” list that is one better than his competitors. Snidley’s company, Snidely Media Workz, may soon be coming out with a “top eleven” list.

“All of our competition has top ten lists. The guys down the street have a social media top ten tips. Those two young teenagers who sound like their going through puberty from across town have one. Even the big guru at the local college who teaches this stuff because he’s too ornery to work with has one,” concluded Snidely.

“We need something better. We need to stand out in the crowd. Having a top eleven list would do that,” he added.

Snidley says “top ten” lists are fast becoming too common. “Everyone has one. If you’re a client and you want to look up social media top ten lists there will be like more than a hundred lists. A hundred times ten tips makes like a thousand tips. That’s like more than enough to give our clients a PHD in social media and who wants that?” he said.

The idea of making a “top eleven” list came to Snidely after reading one of his competitor’s lists.

“This list had all the same ideas that we have in our top ten list,” explained Snidely. “They had the bit about ‘getting the message right’, which we call ‘finding the right message’. They had an item called ‘keeping content up-to-date’ which we call ‘up-to-date content’. Like it was different and yet it felt like it was the same.”

“Then it came to me. What could be better than ten? That’s when I came up with the idea of eleven. It’s like one more than ten. Brilliant!”
The new “top eleven” social media tips list will be unveiled next week at the social media conference in downtown Metro. Snidely won’t say what the eleventh tip will be, but he says it will befitting of its prestigious position in social media tips list history.

“We’re keeping number eleven under wraps until the conference. During our workshop called ‘One better on Social Media’ we plan to unveil the whole thing and, like, blow the whole audience away,” said Snidely.

Social media watchers are excited by the new innovation. “This is going to be a pivotal moment in the history of social media tips lists,” said Bardley Stubbings, Executive Director of the Social Media List Authority, the North American governing body of social media tip list-making. Stubbings says the top eleven list will put Canada and the US ahead of the rest of the world. “The European Union only has 8 social media tips lists. China has 6, but it’s growing fast.”

Competitors are already preparing a counter-attack. Lisa Turnip, Chief Marketing Officer and Partner at Turnip Social Media House, says she will consider going to a “top twelve” list if Snidely Media Workz is successful. B

However, some others are calling the “top eleven” a PR stunt. “The top eleven thing will never last,” said Peter Rutabaga of Cabbage Street Social Media Dimensions, a bitter rival of Snidely Media Workz. “Besides, our tips are worth more than theirs pound for pound. We could have a top nine list that would equal theirs, no problem.”