Monday, March 19, 2012

Case for Support turned into a blockbuster Hollywood movie

Metro University’s Case For Support is being turned into a blockbuster Hollywood movie. The 200-page blueprint for the University’s upcoming capital campaign was sold to Snidely Film Studios last month for $2 million. Producers say the movie version of the Case will begin filming on campus next year and should be released in movie theatres the following Christmas.

“We always thought that our Case For Support was something special. It told the entire story about the fundraising campaign we’re planning. It was so beautiful and moving that we just had to share it. And that’s how we landed this movie deal,” said Metro University President Dr. Simon Semple, who will likely play himself in the movie.

The Case was “discovered” six months ago during a conference on fundraising in Los Angeles. Movie producer Dibble Brewer walked into a presentation of the Case by the University’s Director of Development. He immediately saw the Case’s movie potential.

“I was totally floored by the majesty of the Case. It was such a great story: a university trying to change the world by building a larger gym. It had amazing characters, like the irascible University president, the lonely, professional female fundraising Director and the big Daddy Warbucks donor who taught her what love is all about,” said Brewer.

Brewer says the move will be true to the Case in every way, including being filmed on campus. However, the famous scene where the campaign team figures out the soft-credit policy for major donors will instead be turned into a running gun battle with evil terrorists bent on destroying the University. Some of the names of donors will also be changed to protect their privacy. “But everyone will know who they are!” said Brewer.

Casting for the movie has already begun. Brewer says they will use a combination of big Hollywood stars and local people. Rumours say Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt are both in competition to play the main male lead, while Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga have been calling Brewer’s office non-stop to talk about the film’s female protagonist.

For the Bollywood dance scene at the end of the book, Brewer says they will going direct to India to recruit authentic dancers and singers.

“I’m also talking to the guys who made Star Wars about using their special effects team for the scene in the book where the President fights the ghosts of past presidents about renaming the gym,” said Brewer.

Snidely Film Studios have already cut a deal to produce movie spin-offs, such as a line of children’s sleep wear and toys, beach towels, a carving knife set and jewellery.  

The reported budget for the movie will be $150 million, or about twice the size of the capital campaign itself.