Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Pokemon-type trading card game for Fundraising released

Japanese toy giant Stuphendwo has come up with a new Pokemon-style trading card game based on fundraising. Called Philanthromon, the new game will feature a host of battling fundraising creatures including major gift officers, planned giving consultants and cranky signature donors.

The brainchild of Japanese trading game designer Kenji Snidely, players take on the role of a Philanthromon trainer. They use their Philanthromon creatures to attack other player’s creatures.  The game is won when one player runs out of Philanthromon or if a capital campaign is announced.

“This really is a great a game for both kids who want to know how fundraising works or for adults who fundraise or donate,” said Dibble Brewer, Stuphendwo USA President. “They will not only learn about philanthropy, but also have fun getting a mythical creature to beat up an opponent’s mythical creature in a sort of indirect violent way or something.”

The game features trading cards that look very similar to Pokemon cards. Each outlines the creature’s hit points (HP), attacks and defences. If the damage from an attack exceeds the defending Philanthromon’s HP, it is knocked out. The attacks are customized to each creature.  AdminAssistantChu, a liquid-type Philanthromon, has attacks such as “Schedule” and “Coffee Run” while GrumpyDonorChu, an Earth-type Philanthromon, has “Calls & Complains” and “Talks to Friends”. Like Pokemon, Philanthromon creatures can evolve and change. GrumpyDonorChu, for example, is the Stage 1 evolution of CrazyDonorChu and FinanceDirectorChu is the Stage 2 evolution of Donut.

“The game offers a level of complexity and skill that rivals all the other current trading card games like Pokemon, Magic and The Tea Party Movement,” said Brewer. “But it also offers unique characters that players can’t find anywhere else, like ExecutiveDirectorChu and ITahcu.”

The reaction from the fundraising community has been positive. Pre-orders for the game have already exceeded 100,000 units.

“This is really an addictive game,” said Dennis Smiley, the CEO of the League of Big Honking Charities. “Last night, Bendy, Jill and Bill and I were playing for hours. Jill played her GiftProcessorChu with a 30-point ‘Not recieptable’ attack to knock out my MajorGiftachu, but then I countered with a ‘TakeDownServer’ attack by my ITachu and beat her pants off!”

However, early reviews by toy and game sector critics have been negative. USA Toy Buying & Bowling League magazine panned the game for being “boring, just like fundraisers.”

“This is a well-executed trading card game from Stuphendwo. Everything about it is exciting, except its topic. Fundraisers were never this interesting or exciting.”