Coffee or Chocolate?

Chocolate declared King of Philanthropy over Coffee in first-ever social media poll

Chocolate has triumphed over coffee in a month-long international social media contest to see which substance makes the world of Philanthropy work.

Created by NPHumour, the world’s only fundraising comedy website, the contest asked fundraisers from around the Globe to use their social media to determine whether philanthropy revolved around coffee or chocolate. Advocates for both went online with Twitter, YouTube and other social media to “Like”, “Comment” or “Re-Tweet” their favourite fundraising concoction.

The results showed a near 2-to-1 preference for chocolate. NPHumour Editor John Suart says the answer is clear. Chocolate is the king of fundraising.

“The fundraising world has spoken. They prefer chocolate over coffee,” Suart said. “Coffee may be the thing that keeps them awake, but it appears that chocolate is what makes fundraisers really tick.”

Nearly 1,000 people participated in the challenge. A special “Chocolate Wins” video has been released by NPHumour to celebrate the victory.

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See the Coffee Video

See the Chocolate Video